Thoughts On Entering the Blogging World

I am an amateur blogger with much to learn about the evolution of blogs, attracting readers, and coming up with interesting content; there’s no denying that. When I read the skilled and polished posts of my blogging idols like Darren Rowse I think, “I have a long way to go!” I don’t mind the challenge, however.

I used to worry about coming up with a niche audience of my own, whether or not my topics will be too scattered, or whether or not my readers will even like my content, but I realized that I was setting myself up for failure. In the blogging world, at least in the beginning, I learned that you should present to your audience whatever you feel is best.

Post what makes you smile and gets you thinking and then invite your readers to comment or challenge you. It’s impossible for me to blog perfection from the get-go. It takes time. Challenges and input from readers will help a blog to evolve, but for now I will throw my best ideas out there and see what happens from there.

Darren Rowse often speaks of “monkey bar blogging” when it comes to creating a profitable blog, but his advice applies to non-profit blogs as well:

“A wise man once gave me some good advice on business. He reminded me of when as a child I would play on the Monkey Bar Play Gym equipment. If you want to get across the monkey bars, from one end to the other, the safest way to do it is to grab hold of the first bar and swing to the next without letting go of the first until you have a firm grip of the second one. As you let go of the first you propel yourself to the third without letting go of the second until you have a strong grip of the next one.

The quickest way to fall off the monkey bar and break a bone (I broke my collar bone doing this) is to try and skip a bar, or to let go of the first one before you grip the next one.”

I don’t want to skip any bars, and those who plan on starting a blog shouldn’t either. There is a natural development for almost everything in life, so there’s no need to be anxious or let cold-feet stop you from doing what you want.

When it comes to both blogging and life:

No one is perfect from the beginning, and everything will take baby steps and time to grow.

(Speaking of development, sometime next week I want to feature a post on Erikson’s Stage Theory of Personality Development and how we can use that knowledge to create your most ideal life! So pop your head in later to check that out.)

photo credit: Black Bones



2 responses to “Thoughts On Entering the Blogging World

  1. It only gets easier as you go. Keep it up!

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