Make Your Mark on the World: How to Start Volunteering Now!

Want to make your mark on the world? The easiest way is to do a little volunteering. Studies show sweeping positive benefits correlated to helping and giving a little bit of your time.

  • You can learn a new skill
  • Become immediately active in your community
  • Gain that sense of achievement
  • Boost career options (definitely!)
  • Find new hobbies and experiences
  • Meet plenty of new people and make new friends
  • and more

It kind of seems like an elixir of sorts, huh?

In high school, I worked at a local soup kitchen for the homeless in downtown Dayton. It was Thanksgiving day and the building was packed with those who haven’t had meals for two or three days in a row. Looking around, I could see men and women everywhere – usually with all of their belongings thrown in one plastic bag.

We brought in a huge Thanksgiving meal: turkey, gravy, fruits, chicken, desert, and more. I was to serve the food and help clean up afterward. We got mixed reactions, which was to be expected, but many were very grateful and blessed us and gave us compliments. My first day working there changed my life and taught me how grateful I should be for what I have.

You know what’s very interesting? I see many, many homeless folks stop to feed pigeons, stray cats, and dogs. There’s something very symbolic in that.

Over the next few days, I’ll feature my first series of posts that will lay before you some tips and resources that have helped me tremendously in my search for volunteer opportunities so keep checking back!

I’ve read many self-improvement blogs since I was 12. Every once in a while, one will suggest readers to volunteer to boost their outlook on life. At 12, the promise of an enriched life was enticing, but I had no idea where to begin my volunteer search. Instead of throwing you out into volunteer world with no resources in hand, I’ve decided to list some excellent resources and quality tips that will guarantee you find a volunteer opportunity that fits you.

And don’t worry, there’s bound to be an opportunity out there that fits your interest. Over the years, I’ve made and delivered Christmas cards to the elderly at a nursing home, created a simple website for an organization, served on our Mayor’s beautification committee, cleaned up a local park, and more.

Everyone can volunteer. Well – maybe not infants, but don’t think you can’t volunteer just because you’re under 18 or over 55. Many businesses and organizations are looking for help, and as long as you have the will to help, there is a spot open for you.

This series of posts will include these topics:

  1. Introduction: How to Start Volunteering Now! << You’re here
  2. Beginning Your Search: Matching Your Interests
  3. Where to Find Them? Local or Virtual?
  4. Items You May Need
  5. Other Information

I’ll be sure to link to each in the series as they are posted! Check back this week for more!

Also: If you have any questions or suggestions about volunteering or what to add to this series, feel free to comment. I’m looking to find all the information I can! Thanks a lot!

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