Update: A Fresh New Start

Some of you may have noticed my fairly large break from blogging lasting several months, and I apologize to my readers profusely for the unexpected leave. As some of you may or may not know, I’ve been in college (as an undergraduate) for two years now, and am now heading toward my junior year. Last quarter, (as a Psychology major) I registered for my first Behavioral Neuroscience class, this was a tough one that required the majority of my time, and part of the reason I had to halt writing articles for my blog. This quarter I took on an even tougher challenge, and one of the hardest classes I’ve had in my life: the Psychology of Perception.

This class focused on the processes by which we gather, interpret, and respond to environmental stimuli – the multitude of very tiny things that go on to transfer light and sound into neural messages the brain can read. It’s tough, and it’s known as one of the hardest psychology classes here.

My professor is a Harvard graduate, and a charming old man with a passion for auditory perception even when his own hearing has inevitably gone bad. In addition to auditory perception, he teaches depth, touch, and visual perception, the latter of the two being the toughest, in my opinion.

What’s most amazing about this man, is that all of his in-depth lectures are straight from his brain. He uses no notes, no book, nothing. He really knows his stuff, and reasonably requires that we know it as well.

In the beginning of the quarter, around 60 people registered for the class. At the end of the quarter and the year, there were 8. Eight! Over 40 people have dropped the class, some never showed up deeming it was too difficult. And at the end there was just a small group of Perception troopers left – we didn’t want to give up, and I am very glad that I didn’t.

Even though it’s been the hardest class, I can walk away and say I have learned more from this professor than I ever have. Truly. My perspective on learning, and how I – as an individual – learn and deal with difficult subject matter has changed for the better.

And now, with my Summer break coming back, I decided this was the best time to restart, regain my momentum, and give Deliciae another go. A brand new post is coming very soon. I’ve learned a lot about my potential integrity and perseverance during my last academic quarter, and now I want to apply that knowledge to my blogging life!

“You gotta keep on keeping on…”

-Bob Dylan and many others

Thank you so much for reading. I’m back! Please tune in for a long overdue new post soon.


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