An Exercise in Kickstarting Your Day for the Unenergetic, Unmotivated Dreamers

It’s a bright day, the natural light reveals all the outside world, and the birds are chirping. The world is alive. But you don’t know it, and you don’t care. You slouch on your couch hunched over with the blinds shut so not even a fraction of light shines through to warm your numb, expressionless face.

You have no energy to do anything today, and the meaning of “productive” has long been filed away in the deepest, forgotten crypts of your mind. So you sink into your couch, and hide behind your pillows – a false comfort – rationalizing, “Well, I deserve at least one more lazy day,” but we both know you said this yesterday.

And you know how dogs feed off their master’s energy? Max is sprawled on the recliner as if his muscles turned to jelly, looking around the room with slow, slow puppy dog eyes sighing and wondering, “When is something going to happen around here?”

You haven’t written a single word for your novel in weeks maybe months, and you stopped your small bout of exercising just short of it being consistent. Sometimes, you don’t even feel like going into work. And sometimes you just don’t.

What are you thinking? What are you feeling? You certainly aren’t thinking, “Man, what an amazing day. I feel so alive!” or “I have energy and momentum today! I want to get things done.”

But isn’t that what we should all be thinking?

What I described is a seemingly down, unmotivated, and numb human being. Someone merely existing, and not living. This was me two weeks ago.

I never thought or felt anything truly positive during those times, and I probably didn’t genuinely feel anything at all. There were so many things that I wanted to do, but I lacked motivation. I had no energy, no will, and no inner foundation of thoughts that set the base and mood for my day. But two weeks ago, I started my vacation from work with a purpose. I thought, “Okay, here’s 336 absolutely free hours of my life, what am I going to do?”

Sitting around playing video games and marathoning “Lost” was my first thought, but then the idea of using the 336 hours to do something extremely unproductive, in the biggest sense of the word, was appalling to me. I was ashamed that I had even given that notion a thought.

So what I decided is that I would use these two weeks as a sort of jolting, “Revival Retreat”. I wanted to shake my life up, I wanted to be progressive, energetic, and motivated. (Did any of those words come to mind when you pictured someone slouched on the couch in the dark?)

Of course, I know not many of you have this much free time, I am very lucky to have such a generous and flexible schedule, but I want to share the few little exercises that gave me the perfect kickstart to each day:

Now it’s your turn.

Close your blinds, make it very dark in the room, and get on your couch, your computer chair, or bed (wherever you lounge around). Now slouch over and wipe the emotion off your face, maybe even frown. Your eyes are only half open as you stare numbingly at your computer screen or television. You browse facebook for the fifth time today, and check your email for the sixth, and yet you’ve only been up for three hours.

Now a big, heavy, long sigh. Your energy is draining, and you may even yawn. What are you thinking? Can you honestly think, “It is the most gorgeous and magnificent day out today!” without feeling… weird?

While writing this, I did this exercise and the first thought that came to mind was, “Can I really finish this post in time?” It was negative right off the bat! I had to reassure myself that it was only an exercise.

Now, all of a sudden…

…you rocket yourself off the couch or chair, and make a beeline to the windows. Pull open the blinds all the way, and let the ALL the light shine in. Notice how you immediately feel better?

Your surroundings have an instant effect on your mood. (Especially light!) So now the light is shining on your face, and already you feel more energized.

Now lift up your head and straighten your back in the most perfect posture, your natural posture. Just think: You are an ancient god or goddess, and now you’re showing confidence to your people, assuring them that, yes, you can take care of things.

Channel your inner Nefertiti or your inner Julius Caesar!

Pretend that, in any moment, someone will make a bust of you to capture your confidence, brashness and boldness for years and years to come. Feeling any better? Good posture harbors more confidence. (And it doesn’t hurt to pretend you’re ancient royalty!) More about confidence and posture here.

Last, but not least, give a big, toothy, genuine smile. If it’s difficult to do, think of your favorite delicious dessert or your loved one unwrapping and freaking out over a thoughtful gift from you. Not only are you a confident ancient ruler, but now you are also charismatic, and people eat that up. Don’t worry about giving an inaugural wave or anything, because your smile alone is an instant pick-me-up. Biopsychology theorists call this “facial feedback“.

Me and my little sister.

Practice switching between these two dramatically different scenes, and try focusing on the outlook of your inner thoughts as you do so. Are they pessimistic? Optimistic? Did you feel a difference?

Any time that I find myself having an uninspired, stagnant day, I try to give myself and my surroundings a little jolt. Even if you don’t feel happy, confident, and charismatic, taking in the light, smiling, and straightening up will at least give physical cues to your mind telling it to “Get up and get going!”

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14 responses to “An Exercise in Kickstarting Your Day for the Unenergetic, Unmotivated Dreamers

  1. I like what I see here!

    Although I didn’t turn off the lights (the family wouldn’t understand lol), I did however straighten my back and started grinning ‘Cheshirely’ and it works; instant tonic!

    You’re absolutely right about posture and smiles. If I’m honest I’m a bit of a people watcher / amateur anthropologist maybe and I work with approximately 400 other battery hens; it’s always interesting.

    Those that stoop, with hunched back, seem to carry the world on their shoulders. Bring back corsets and free them from angst!

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the smile.

    Respect and Peace!

    • That’s excellent; I’m excited to hear that it worked for you, Adam! In working in a fairly large office, I often see those seemingly carrying the world on their backs. It’s strange, though, how just a change of posture really changes the impression you make on others.

      Thanks for the inspiration and the visit,

  2. Folks, do not believe in this bullshit.

    • Even thought this was a bit unsubstantial as far as criticism goes, and a bit offensive, I decided to approve your comment anyway. Mainly because I would like to know more about why you feel this way.

      Keep in mind, this is an exercise that worked for me, and I simply wanted to share it so that it may work for someone else. Also, it’s not an exercise that will greatly improve your mood, as much as it should simply make a small difference. Sure, it’s no super energy drink and it’s not as effective as, say, an incentive to get up and do work. They’re just a few little things I like to do to make me feel just a bit better at the start of my day.

      I apologize if it doesn’t work for you! People are very, very different in many ways.

      Take care,

  3. To Brittany

    Hi Brittany, and I like of what you wrote, and I might give this a tried myself. Even it might work. I hope also you look through my blog as well too. Even I updated it alot, and talk to you soon Brittany!!!

    • Thanks so much, TMJ. I hope the little exercise works for you. I will absolutely take a look through your blog once I get home from work!

      Take care,

  4. Brittany,
    I just found your blog via Sarah Wilson’s & I have to say, after reading your prologue page, I’m already in love. =)
    Today is my day off work & I’m totally going to give these things a try. There’s so much I want to do today, but like you — sometimes that’s much easier said than done.
    Thanks for the tips!

    • Erica,

      You’re totally welcome, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you like the prologue! I took a quick peek at your blog as well, and I’m already adoring your writing! I’ll have to stop by and read some more once I get off work. =) Fellow INFP’s unite!


  5. Hi Brittany – Roulette cheats is, I guess, a little upset that your technique didn’t work for him! I hope you refunded the poor fellow………with a smile 🙂

    Respect and Peace!

  6. To Brittany

    Hi Brittany, and your excerise worked very well, even I also want to thank you for looking through my blog, But I still haven’t seen Inception yet. But I will, and that promise. So keep up the great work and talk to you soon Brittany!!!

  7. Fake it till ya make it really does work. I like to wear bright, cheerful colors when I’m feeling down. It’s actually uplifting.

    • Ohh, I’ve never thought of trying that! I’ll have to pick out a couple outfits for my “off days”. And isn’t “fake it til ya make it” just the best? I first heard it on America’s Next Top Model and it stuck with me ever since. It’s good for confidence.

      Take care,

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