Hello! My name is Brittany.

Common name, I know – but I like to believe I’m more than just a name. I’m a college student studying Psychology and Marketing at a university in Ohio, and I like to give appreciation where appreciation is due. I’m in no place to give lectures about what your life will consist of, but I do feel some sort of need to document those tiny, subtle lessons of love, beauty, and truth that I’ve learned throughout my own. For what reason? I honestly don’t know.

As a young adult, I am noticing my mortality more and more. Maybe I’m hoping this could flourish into something my children and their children can read, like a little sticky note posted on the web with scribblings of life’s subtle beauties. And no – this is not intended to be a grim reminder of death. As the fanciful and flighty individual I am, I tend to live too much in the future and have some troubles living for the present. So I feel I sometimes need a little feedback loop on being alive, and I wanted to share it with you in case you needed it as well.

I believe in being passionate, loving when it’s needed, and being grateful. I believe in a never-ending quest for knowledge – of myself and otherwise. I believe in being human and having ups and downs, celebrating accomplishments and learning from mistakes.

I’m not just all about these big concepts, however. I also believe in cute kittens, a delicious meal eaten for the first time at fancy restaurant, doodling, and the contagiousness of a penetrating smile. I don’t know everything and I never will, but it’s just in human nature to try anyway, you know?

(Feel free to email me about anything and everything. I adore it!)