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Saturday Sprinkles – First Edition!

photo credit: jek in the box

For those who seem to have “run out of internet” or maybe just those who don’t have time to scour the web for little trinkets and memorable gems, I want to post a weekly “highlight reel” of sorts (every Saturday) just listing some interesting and beautiful things I have stumbled upon. I did say the blog would be sprinkled with little things here and there, so here is your first Saturday dessert!

  • Newsmap is a very nifty, and colorful treemap visualisation of recent news. If you’re more of a visual thinker or dread reading huge blocks of text in your routine news websites, give newsmap a try. It’s now one of my daily visits!
  • Julia Breckenreid is a talented, professional illustrator who has her work featured in magazines, books, posters and more. I’ve used many of her pieces as wallpaper for my desktop or even cell phone backgrounds! My kind of stuff.
  • For you LiveJournal users, the community The Indie Exchange is a large, ever-growing vault of user-uploaded indie albums and more. Popular and unpopular! I found this was really handy in looking for new music. Feel free to search through what has already been posted, discover new bands, or even contribute by uploading your own stuff. It’s member’s only, but joining is simple as pie.
  • Here’s a user-made music video of actress Audrey Tautou in the movie À la folie… pas du tout (“He Loves Me… He Loves Me Not”) with the song “Have You Forgotten” by The Red House Painters. So many of my favorite things rolled into one – how could I not post this? Watch the movie, look into the band, learn about Audrey Tautou. They’re all worth it, I promise!
  • Lastly, Giveaway of the Day is exactly what it sounds like! Download free licensed software daily. Wondering if this is fair and legal? No worries, check out their about page to get the 411 on their “win-win” situation for both publishers and clients.

That’s it for Deliciae’s very first Saturday Sprinkles post. Every Saturday I promise my readers a list -more or less- of varied links and media just like this one!

Have a delightful weekend and don’t forget to relax.