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A Different Perspective: Simulated Reality

Imagine we’re living in someone else’s computer simulation or someone else’s movie. Some kind of simulated reality. Nothing is different. Our feelings are real and really there, but we’re just characters in this simulation made by someone “bigger”. Someone who is observing us or possibly controlling our fates. Characters that feel, do, and think just as our “creator” does. Why not? We are getting closer and closer to creating simulations just like this. Ever play The Sims?

Maybe we’re part of some infinite loop of simulations. Maybe our video games and simulations that mirror our own reality (or even other realities) house people just like us, with feelings just like us, with the ability to think about and question their own reality, just like us. In their own little world. Maybe Sonic the Hedgehog is real in his mind! Maybe the Green Hill Zone is real… in their world.

Or maybe not! Maybe that’s too silly.

I’ve been thinking of doing frequent posts like this that just give you a different perspective on our different aspects of life. Some aspects may be bigger, deeper, and more meaningful (and possibly controversial) like this one talking about our reality, and some may be small like looking through the eyes of someone more impoverished or taking a different view into the mind of someone who maybe does something socially unacceptable. I love changing perspectives and seeing the world from different eyes. It opens up my own eyes and also a whole new world and way of thinking.

(There’s a theory for this entitled the Simulation Theory or the Simulation Argument. I haven’t had time to read up on it, but I feel I will soon. I want to touch up on it more later, it’s really interesting.)

photo credit: rastafabi