A Different Perspective: You Are Everyone and Everyone Is You

Thanks to StumbleUpon I came across an interesting piece of writing by a man named Andy Weir. It’s a second-person narrative and concept dialogue that gives a different perspective on why we are here on this Earth and what happens to us after we die. And although I personally do not believe in any specific god, in reincarnation or any other concept stated in the story, I found it entertaining and a nice idea to ponder.

It’s called “The Egg”, and what takes place in this piece is a conversation between “God” and a middle-aged man in his afterlife. God tells him that the man is dead, and that he will be reincarnated to a Chinese peasant girl in 540 AD. Confused, the man asks why and how can he be reincarnated into someone who has already lived in the past (and even someone of a different gender). God states that time is just a man made concept, and that, to God, things are different.

The man then asks what many of us on Earth would ask if ever in this situation:

“So what’s the point of it all?”

Below is the conversation that takes place afterwards:

“The meaning of life, the reason I made this whole universe, is for you to mature.”

“You mean mankind? You want us to mature?”

“No, just you. I made this whole universe for you. With each new life you grow and mature and become a larger and greater intellect.”

“Just me? What about everyone else?”

“There is no one else,” I said. “In this universe, there’s just you and me.”

You stared blankly at me. “But all the people on earth…”

“All you. Different incarnations of you.”

“Wait. I’m everyone!?”

“Now you’re getting it,” I said, with a congratulatory slap on the back.

To read the rest of the story, go to Andy Weir’s website here: “The Egg” by Andy Weir.

So what if we, our individual selves, were everyone? What if everyone was simply a different aspect of yourself? I found it really interesting and began to wonder what my life would mean if I were everyone and if everyone were simply different reincarnations of me in different periods of time: past, present, and future.

Maybe we’re all just one universal being, and we live to learn and slowly mature at different times and paces. And everything that I know will not simply disappear after I die, because it lives on within everyone else. And as the universe matures, we will slowly grow from an infantile egg to something much grander.

Confusing, eh? Although this is an old and rather far-out concept, I actually found some peace in wondering if – somehow – every single person on this Earth is at least a reflection or symbol of some part of myself.

There are those people I fear, because they are similar to my own traits in which I fear. There are people I admire, because they reflect the traits in which I like, the traits in which I own or the traits that I want.

It gave me a strange, yet calming peace to think that maybe I have nothing to fear besides those darker parts of my own self. But ah… maybe this also means I hold the power to change me and, in doing so, I have the power to change the world. In keeping my mind open to this, I can face my fears one by one.

So, maybe we are all of the same universal being. Or maybe we aren’t! I felt “The Egg” was a refreshing, thought provoking look at the very meaning of life, and though it may or may not be true, I can genuinely say my mind is open to this exciting possibility.

What do you think, readers?


26 responses to “A Different Perspective: You Are Everyone and Everyone Is You

  1. I read this too, and also stumbled upon it!
    Even though I didn’t like the style of writing, I actually enjoyed the (very) short story and the ideas really did speak to me. It was so far removed from the usual cliches surrounding the topic. I’m glad someone else enjoyed it!

  2. It is *slightly* confusing, but it’s definitely interesting!

  3. What a great story – Love the author’s style – Love the concept too!

    I’m glad I thought of it, shame I can’t remember writing it………..

    Respect and Peace!

  4. very interesting story! although its a bit confusing 🙂

  5. This is what some Hindu Sampradaya branches have been saying for eons. One being, God, we all are a piece of that being and so we are all a piece of each other. Eventually, we merge back.

  6. The first time I read “The Egg” it resonated so strongly with me that I did not feel as though I was learning something new for the first time, it felt more like I was remembering something that I had forgotten a really long time ago. I had been introduced to the concepts of reincarnation and “All is One” prior to reading but I never took them very seriously due to my intense skepticism and scientific rational ways of thinking. However after reading this it opened my eyes to see that every major religion (and science believe it or not) alludes to this being an inevitability. we are all made of the same stuff we all come from and go to the same place when we are born and when we die and we are all here now together so we might as well get along and leave this place better than when we got here, even if its just for our descendants. Just imagine if all humans came to the realization that they were everyone else, what would that world look like?

    aaannd I’m done ranting 😉
    I Love You ALL!!!

  7. I just googled what if everyone is everyones reincarnation. And I found this article. Obviously I wasn’t the only one thought of this.

  8. I found this because I was trying to find someone with my beliefs. I once asphyxiated on my vomit and my heart stopped, and I was given the same message, although slightly different. I was told that we are all the same person, that’s accurate. But I also saw that God is included in that. I’m trying to find people with my belief, that we are all the same person, and that we are also God. I won’t elaborate further because anyone who believes the same will understand. If you understand and want to talk about it, you can text me. (317)353-5666. Please text me if you TRULY share this belief.

    • To Danny hart i wanted to say that not so long ago i’ve had the samr idea and told a friend of mine about it and that we as in “all of us” are the same person . we agreed to call us “god” . I mean why not ? I came to think about it as the only possible reason for divinity to make sense . I really have some questions about the theory that are bothering me such as why do i have to be me at the actual moment of this present life ? Given that ther is No such thing as a coincidence i can’t really have an answer to that without putting the hole matter in jeopardy and end up feeling like $#/+ ! Please give me your Facebook so i can contact you ASAP THANKS ! 😀

      • Check our Facebook group called “I Am You: Discussions on Open Individualism”, or search for “Open Individualism” on Google. That is the name that the philosopher Daniel Kolak gave to this view.

    • http://iamyou1.blogspot.com.au/2011/04/my-spiritual-experiencenio-aba.html from when i was 18 and i had a spiritual awakening expanse in my consiousness i have no doubt every person we meet is me-you, a Separate Differentiated Repetition of me-you and that can become the base and root of empathy and the core of real unselfish Love

  9. Wait….so you’re all me? I knew it! True story.

  10. Truth. We are one “person” and God included.
    Those who are interested read Mari Perron’s book A course of Love (part 3, the dialogues).
    Danny, your phone is not accepting messages.

  11. I’ve been reading about this a lot recently. I had gone into psychosis temporarily on August 5th until August 14th, it started when I left my brother’s house and went to another male friends house, and the friend’s voice sounded exactly like his. As the days and nights went on all men were sounding and acting exactly the same and all women sounded and acted the exact same. Having had to deal with multiple police officers, EMTs, and doctors they all seemed to know someone exactly like me. As my mind went further and further “away” I was having this crushing horrifying feeling that we were all the same person, and it was becoming increasingly apparent that I was the doctor’s, police, family, and EMTs trying to help me. Then during the last day before the psyc ward I felt like I was talking out of their mouth’s, I knew what they were going to say. Psychosis is a debilitating mental illness, and many perceptions on reality are very strange as I had many other hallucinations, but this idea of being everyone still has stuck with me. Reading “the egg” was very similar to this experience.

    • I would like to comment that this idea had never crossed my mind before psychosis, I knew a little about the teaching of the buhda, as everyone is one, but psychosis seemed to make it extremely real.

      • Soolivan – I had this experience. The idea was absolutely terrifying. The same ‘everyone is everyone’ experience as you. And the implications being “we’re/i’m alone”. I saw it as the reason we don’t remember anything at birth. It happened during a San Pedro trip. Please reply with how you’ve come to terms with it and whats helped you recover. I’ll share with you my thinking and ideas about life that have helped me cope.

  12. I believe we are of one conscience. The same soul.but our spirit is not the same. Our body and mind are different attach which builds spirtit. Spirit leaves tube body for after life so I strive to help others

    • I cannot agree with your view that our spirits are different. There is only one spirit. It is our perception. We are the experiencers, a perspective that is aware; and that is the definition of spirit. We cannot be two experiencers at the same time, that is practically impossible.

    • Exactly. You are not alone. We have individual experiences but share a spirit. It’s like having a best friend or roommate or coworker that completely understands and relates to you and you feel comforted:)

  13. So…I’m Trump? I’m Hitler? I have to starve to death in Africa millions of times. I dies in a gas chamber millions of times.
    But it is all happening now.
    /closes eyes
    //deep breathes
    Is there any release from this world of matter/energy?

    • But you are everything that is wonderful as well Mother Theresa Jesus mohimmmed a flower a butterfly
      The pros our weight the cons and the cons have a story too. Understanding is key

  14. This is all very interesting. I’m starting to feel that we are all one as well. It comes in waves. When I get this feeling, i feel a lot of energy in my body. I however don’t see the part about us being alone. I think we encompass all therefore we need nothing. When I get this feeling, I also feel extremely extremely happy. Like giddy.

  15. You are not alone. We have a Facebook group called “I Am You: Discussions on Open Individualism”. “Open Individualism” is the name that the philosopher Daniel Kolak gave to this view. I hope one day you’ll join us.

  16. I read the story a few weeks ago and it’s been with me ever since. every time I thought about religion or my children or the person next to me in traffic. I still believe in my own faith, in Jesus and one God. I also believe in a collective consciousness which makes sense if you can find the Christian, Buddhist Muslim Jewish etc philosophy within the story. I really love it
    It made me think and question. It gives me faith.

  17. I once went into a psychedelic journey and found myself experiencing the feeling of being aware that all consciousness is the same. Just filtered throughout different mediums and divided by ego. In the end we are all the same universal being. There is no division.

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